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¡Hola a todos!

Day in and day out we get requests from our hungry Camino customers asking how our Executive Chef, Nacho del Campo, makes his famous Gambas al Ajillo (garlic prawns). This dish has been on our menu since Camino opened in 2007, and still remains one of our most loved tapas. Whether enjoyed as a bar snack, or part of a tapas dinner feast, it’s an unmissable and delicious dish.

Gambas al Ajillo are one of the most popular tapas in Spain, and you can see them almost in every bar or terraza, as locals sit in the sun to enjoy them with some Tinto de Verano, or a glass of wine. The most important detail everyone must get right is that the dish arrives sizzling to the table, which means you can usually hear it coming before you see it!

We twisted Nacho’s arm as hard as we could… but he wouldn’t share his recipe secrets. Instead we followed him around the kitchen until he agreed to cook it for us. So here it is, a sneak peak of Nacho in action cooking up the Gambas al Ajillo!

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