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You may have heard the word vermouth being thrown around and precariously nodded your head in acknowledgement, without actually knowing what the stuff even is. If so, here’s a run down on the delicious drink dubbed to be 2017’s latest tasty trend. Wannabe connoisseurs listen up!

Vermouth is a fortified wine, and according to the guidelines its ABV value has to range between 14.5% to 22%. Typically, a neutral grape brandy is added to increase its strength, essentially making it a spiked wine. The liquid is comprised of at least 75% wine, and like gin, it contains botanicals, giving vermouth a variety of delectable flavours. One botanical that must be present in vermouth is wormwood, the herb also found in absinthe. Too much and you’ll start imagining things. You’ll also find vermouth present in many of today’s beloved cocktails; the red (sweetened) version is used in a classic Manhattan, while 007 prefers the white (dry) version for his “shaken, not stirred” Martinis.

Vermouth is also classed as an aperitif, a word that originates from the latin verb ‘aperire’, which means ‘to open’. It carries a bittersweet characteristic that stimulates the production of gastric juices and promotes appetite, hence it being the perfect pre-dinner tipple.

Originating in northern Italy in the mid-1800s, it made its way over to Spain where its popularity grew until a sharp decline less than half a century ago. Fear not, a vermouth renaissance has been sweeping over Spain like a boozy plague, and it’s about to hit our shores too.

Be the first amongst your friends to see what all the fuss about on your next visit to Camino. Order the Vermut Golfo, a refreshing sip with great balance and warm spices.

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