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Once again our Executive Chef Nacho del Campo has used his great culinary expertise to bring you two exceptional specials (which will be available until the 14th of August).


This wonderfully light and fresh Catalan dish is perfect for dining during these warm summer months. It’s made up of shredded salt cod, tomatoes, red onion and olives. The traditional way of preparing it is given away by its name. The word “Esqueixada” comes from the Catalan verb “esqueixar” meaning to “tear” or “shred”.

Salt cod plays a vital role in the Catalan diet. The first reference to salt cod in Catalonia dates back to 1640, a time before fridges, when fresh fish was expensive and rarely available inland. Preserving it through salting and then drying provided an alternative. You may ask yourself why people today would choose to eat fish preserved in this archaic manner when fresh fish is so readily available. Well, the process of salting and drying gives the cod a thick, ivory-smooth texture and crystallises its flavour. In fact people often remark on how fresh it tastes.

We recommend you try it to see what all the fuss is about!


Nacho has been really excited about adding Ibérico lamb to the menu for the very first time. He’s paired it with delicious panadera potatoes and topped it off with thyme juice to enhance the rich flavour of the meat. Many people have heard of Ibérico pork and although Ibérico lamb is less common, it shares many of the same qualities. A natural diet ensures that the meat is highly aromatic, fully flavoured, beautifully marbled and is some of the healthiest meat on the market. Nacho loves how tender it is and the fact that it is rich in unsaturated fat and oleic acid.

We source our Ibérico lamb from Pastores, a co-operative that prides itself on the high quality of their meat which comes from a breed of lamb native to the region of Aragon in Spain.

This is a must-try and Nacho is sure you’ll notice the difference between British and Ibérico lamb!

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