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Our desire to keep the warm weather going is reflected in our new monthly specials. As September approaches we’ll still be serving up light, vibrant and refreshing dishes and whether you’re hankering after a taste of your recent trip to Spain or simply craving a Mediterranean feast, we recommend you add these new kids on the block to your order!

This showstopper of a dish is light, packed with flavour and quintessentially Spanish. Anchovies have been a fundamental part of the Spanish diet for centuries and for Nacho no summer is complete without a plate of anchovies and cold glass of fino. ‘Matrimonio’ is a traditional tapa in Spain which brings white (boquerón) and brown (anchoa) anchovies together. It essentially ‘marries’ two different culinary processes from northern and southern Spain on one plate to bring you a more intense and complex flavour. This is a must-try for any anchovy lover!

If you’re after a healthy yet delicious salad for these final warm weeks of summer, then look no further. Cecina is a delicious cured beef typically found in León in the northwest of Spain. It’s a vibrant cherry colour, tender and extremely flavourful as it’s traditionally cold smoked over oak wood. You’ll also be happy to hear that it’s low in fat and high in protein. We’re serving it with shavings of Idiazábal cheese (made from sheep’s milk with a lovely nutty flavour), rocket and truffle oil. Cecina is one of Spain’s finest delicacies so don’t miss it!

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