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Cook patatas bravas like a pro with our step by step recipe video.

Its origins spur from the capital, Madrid, and is said to have come around due to the thirty years war in 1542 when a famine hit and all that was left to eat was potatoes! ⁠Served in bars and restaurants all over Spain this dish is staple of Spanish cuisine.

We like ours extra crispy with extra helpings of brava salsa ;)⁠


Ingredients: ⁠
Olive oil⁠
4 garlic cloves⁠
1 large peeled potato⁠
15g Pimentón de la Vera, hot⁠
15g Pimentón de la Vera, sweet⁠
50g roasted chilli peppers⁠
75ml white wine⁠
500g tomato sauce⁠
Parsley (to garnish)⁠
1tsp dijon mustard⁠
1 egg⁠
1 garlic clove⁠
175ml sunflower oil⁠
1/2 lemon⁠

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