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Over and above the strict Hygiene and Health and Safety measures we have always adhered to, we are implementing the following measures:

  • Full and thorough training of all employees on essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette, physical distancing and appropriate risks associated with operating in a Covid-safe workplace. Mandatory daily briefings and hand sanitising every thirty minutes.
  • Adapting the restaurant to facilitate safe physical distancing for both staff and customers, including limiting the number of staff attending the table throughout the duration of the meal, and where possible to have a one way flow of both staff and customer traffic.
  • Conducting a health assessment including a temperature check for all employees prior to every service and isolating any staff member showing symptoms.
  • Leaving tables vacant for fifteen minutes after customers leave so that the full area can be disinfected and reset prior to the next guests arriving.
  • Deep cleaning the restaurant after service every evening.

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