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Join our Founder, Richard Bigg, with other industry leaders discussing the future of wine on Saturday 7th November at 4.15pm for Pebblefest, a virtual festival surrounding sustainability and well-being.

Find out by joining our Founder, Richard Bigg on the discussion panel for Pebble Magazines Pebblefest on Saturday 7th November at 4.15pm. Usually, a weekend festival held at Flat Iron Square in London Bridge, this year Pebblefest has gone virtual.

The festival focuses on discussion points surrounding improving sustainability, well-being, mental health and much more. There is a fantastic array of podcasts, webinars, workshops and cook-alongs with industry leaders in their fields to get involved with and we’re delighted to be part of it.


For just £7.50 you can get access to the entire weekend!


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