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mini from Camino Tapas Restaurant London


…driving across Spain from north to south and back in blazing heat in a tiny old black Mini. The landscape, the people and the lifestyle made a deep and everlasting impression, and left a burning need to recreate a piece of España back home in London.

The Camino team have made countless journeys since, travelling all over the country and experiencing the true nature of Spain and its food and drink. Each time we come back with amazing memories and fresh ideas. And rather more addictively, a van crammed full of lovely old Spanish clobber from street markets and antique shops, that will later proudly adorn our walls.

Food & Drink

Our Executive Chef, Nacho del Campo, uses top quality, seasonal ingredients to create bold, fresh and exciting tapas. Nacho’s authentic cooking techniques coupled with our Basque Country grills mean that people often tell us the food tastes are just as good, and often better, than what they’ve had when on holiday in Spain itself!

Our passion for authenticity doesn’t end with the food. We serve Spain’s best beers and use the finest spirits in our cocktails. Spain is one of the most exciting, dynamic wine regions in the world, and our Founder Richard Bigg takes enormous care in seeking out the best Spanish wines, to make a wine list that is quality-driven, diverse and succinct, to allow you more time to get on and enjoy your meal. We’ve received several top accolades for our wine list, a huge honour we’re immensely proud of.

Nacho Chef Camino Restaurant london


Our Executive Chef Nacho del Campo hails from Vitoria, the capital of the Basque Country, a region recognised as the gastronomic heartland of Spain. It’s a place where wonderful food and drink, friends and family are central to living, and Nacho brings those values to Camino. 

Nacho’s style of cooking stays true to his roots – honest food and authentic flavours using only the best ingredients made all the more exciting with his incredible passion and creativity, “I like to showcase the varied and exciting produce Spain offers ” he says. “I treat ingredients with respect and put flavour and freshness centre stage.”

Richard, Managing Director of Camino Tapas Restaurant London


My love of Spain started with my first trip there in the summer of 1984, a wonderful road-trip driving all over the country in a tiny black Mini (definitely the wrong colour for the severe heat in La Mancha in July).

I drove from the Mediterranean border with France, down through Catalunya and Aragón, stopping in Zaragoza and Toledo on the way down south to Malaga, then back up to Madrid via beautiful Seville and some of the enchanting towns in Extremadura such as Badajoz, Mérida, Trujillo and Cáceres.

I stayed a week in Madrid with an old school friend, driving around the neighbouring countryside having a wild time, staying out all night in the city and then having churros con chocolate before heading home as it was getting light.

I found the country infectious and intoxicating, the vivid colours; the extremes of heat, the incredible diversity of the landscapes, the open-hearted people, and of course the food and drink. I’ve been back well over 100 times, with family, friends or staff. I’m always excited about going, and every trip thrills me as much as the last.

Back in 2006, I managed to convince my co-directors that it would be great to harness my passion and knowledge into their next venture. Our first Camino opened its doors in 2007, and we’ve been learning and evolving ever since. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride, and we’re all incredibly excited for the road ahead.

Richard Bigg
Founder and Managing Director

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